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Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom is a personal and classroom cloud-based video conferencing service. Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom easily promotes and enables face-to-face distance learning, professional development, and collaboration.


At ENA, we are constantly listening to our customers, evaluating their needs, and looking for ways to improve and enhance our services and solutions. As a result of your valuable feedback, we have decided to transition from ENA Live to Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom. This change is designed to enhance your video conferencing experience and provide you with the best possible user experience. Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom will take your video conferencing experience to the next level with additional features and enhancements that are designed to support and facilitate group collaboration. Comprehensive and manageable administrative and user-management controls put you in charge while giving you the flexibility you need to enable others to participate and share resources efficiently and effectively—to support not only your day-to-day video conferencing needs, but also group collaboration, large group meetings, and additional admin and user-management controls.

If you have questions or need help, please e-mail us at

Suggested Topics for Technology Staff: Suggested Topics for Administrators: Suggested Topics for Teachers:
Downloading and Logging In

Managing Users
Running Reports
Scheduling a Meeting
Connecting to an H323 Device
Creating an HTML Web Page

Conducting a Meeting
Joining a Meeting
Scheduling a Meeting
Scheduling a Large Group Meeting
Starting a Meeting
Recording a Meeting Locally
Recording a Meeting in the Cloud
Scheduling a Webinar

Collaborating Within a Meeting
Screen Sharing and Annotating
iPad Mirroring

Connecting to a Content Provider
Connecting to Another Classroom
Connecting to a Guest/Parent
Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom Guest User Guide