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About ENA

Education Networks of America® (ENA) is a leading provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions for K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. In 1996, ENA created the first statewide K–12 network in the U.S. and has since earned a reputation as experts in the design, deployment, and management of broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, communication, and cloud solutions. ENA has helped hundreds of school districts, higher education institutions, and libraries connect the dots to create seamless, secure, and robust digital and collaborative learning environments. For more information, please visit www.ena.com, call 866-615-1101, or email info@ena.com.

Customer Support and the CTAC

ENA provides a comprehensive service desk and network operations center all rolled into one entity known as the Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC). The CTAC is ready to provide comprehensive support for each of ENA’s managed services, and you only need to call one phone number to resolve any and all issues. Support calls are directed to a live person in the U.S. who has in-depth experience working with school systems, higher education institutions, libraries, and government agencies. Additionally, CTAC personnel possess the specific skills needed to quickly address incidents or requests regarding ENA’s products and services.

While many other organizations staff the front line of their “help desk” with clerical and/or referral support, ENA’s CTAC consists of highly-skilled customer support engineers (CSEs) who are extensively trained to expertly resolve any customer need. The CTAC’s CSEs are trained to focus on your needs while providing effective customer care and problem resolution, and over 90 percent of reported incidents and requests are resolved by the CTAC on the first call. That’s because our CSEs have obtained many industry-recognized certifications, including the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Certified Wireless Network Association (CWNA), and many others. Having these certifications solidifies the individual’s ability to manage, configure, operate, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks, including the implementation and verification of connections to remote sites, with a high degree of customer care. The CTAC is a bridge into other departments of ENA, working closely with our engineering, sales, and implementations teams to provide quick escalations as needed to resolve issues.

The CTAC also monitors the connectivity of managed ENA devices on the network, providing proactive contact to customers to alert them of a service issue. We are able to achieve a consistently high level of advance notification thanks to our network monitoring system. ENA’s rigorous monitoring capabilities enable proactive engagement to avoid or minimize the effect of service-impacting incidents. Our constant attention to your network uptime allows you to focus on other important technology and operational issues without having to worry about your network’s availability or restoration.

ENA takes pride in our ability to deliver seamless, end-to-end network services while simultaneously allowing you as much insight into the details of your network activity as we can provide. ENA has developed sophisticated, web-based network monitoring and account management tools that are highly visible and accessible to you through the myENA user portal at my.ena.com. With myENA, you receive a 24x7x365 view of the status of your network along with visibility to see what is being done to correct any current incidents.

Contacting the CTAC

ENA’s CTAC is staffed 24x7x365 with highly-skilled CSEs available to offer specialized support via phone or email whenever you need assistance. ENA engineers are also available via an optional Live Chat tool through the myENA web portal Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CT. Additionally, ENA's ticketing system—Ticket Tracker—can also be accessed through the myENA portal, allowing you to view ticket information about issues affecting your site(s), including the current status and steps underway to correct the issue.

The Support Process

When you contact the CTAC for assistance, a CSE will create a unique ticket specifically for your site and issue. You will be emailed the ticket number for reference and to report against in the future. The CTAC will assess your needs and determine if the issue(s) can be resolved immediately or if it will require additional research. If additional research is required, the CTAC will continually follow up with you throughout the duration of the investigation and validate that they have resolved the issue before closing the ticket. Any escalations for issue resolution will take place within the CTAC, which successfully resolves over 90 percent of issues without the need to escalate to other internal departments.

We encourage you to request higher priorities if needed and escalate to ENA management as necessary, although your first point of contact should be the CTAC. If escalation to ENA management is necessary, the CTAC CSE will forward the issue to the appropriate person. You can also escalate your issue by following the Customer Service Escalation Path here.


If the CTAC identifies an outage via ENA’s monitoring system, you will be notified by email and telephone immediately. A ticket will also be opened, and you will be provided with a unique ticket number. We will determine if the affected location has power and begin the restoration process. If we need to dispatch a technician to your site(s), we will work with you and keep you updated every step of the way. Because of our proactive monitoring service, over 95 percent of our customers are notified about an outage before they are even aware it exists.

Maintenance Notices

The CTAC will notify you about any scheduled or emergency maintenance(s) that may impact your services. ENA has standard maintenance windows set for Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. CT. If you will be affected by a standard maintenance window, you will be notified a minimum of 48 hours prior to the maintenance. We will detail the maintenance being performed and the expected downtime.

ENA may need to schedule emergency maintenance to keep services running or to make repairs to existing services. In either event, we will notify you as early as possible and provide an explanation. ENA’s vendors occasionally perform maintenance either remotely or on-site. In the event of any vendor maintenance, ENA will contact you to authorize the maintenance. When you approve the maintenance window, we will authorize the vendor to complete their work.

Please feel free to contact the CTAC at support@ena.com with any questions regarding regularly scheduled maintenance. If there is a need to reschedule a maintenance window, we will make every attempt to accommodate that need. In some situations, however, rescheduling may not be possible.

ENA AlertU

ENA AlertU sends mass SMS texts or standard email messages from ENA’s CTAC in the event of a large-scale service interruption impacting your area. ENA AlertU, in addition to the CTAC’s proactive phone calls, ensures faster notifications for major network incidents.


The myENA user portal provides you with a robust suite of online tools—including access to ENA’s optional live chat tool—to enhance the support and reporting services offered by ENA. Our experienced customer support engineers will be available to assist you with your support needs via chat Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CT.

ENA Air, Bandwidth Utilization, ENA SmartVoice, ENA WebSafe, and Ticket Tracker are accessible at my.ena.com. Your username and password credentials are required to access the myENA applications. Direct links are also provided for Account Management and Network Availability Monitoring, but please note that these may require different credentials than myENA. Please contact the CTAC by phone at (888) 612-2880 or via email to support@ena.com if you need your credentials sent to you.


With ENA Air’s Wi-Fi reports and analytics, you can view details regarding traffic, applications, users, operating systems, and access points on your network.

If you need assistance using ENA Air, please visit the ENA Air help page.

Bandwidth Utilization

The Bandwidth Utilization reporting tool allows you to track and monitor aggregate bandwidth usage by site using industry-standard metrics. This tool provides bandwidth usage documentation on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This information assists in troubleshooting, planning future capacity requirements, and tracking usage spikes.

If you need assistance using Bandwidth Utilization, please visit the Bandwidth Utilization help page.

ENA SmartVoice

The ENA SmartVoice account management portal gives you access to settings for users, extensions, departments, and more. This portal also provides detailed call reporting for activity on your account.

If you need assistance using ENA SmartVoice, please visit the ENA SmartVoice help page.

ENA WebSafe

The ENA WebSafe portal allows you to manage content filtering policies and easily access reports detailing how users interact with content filtering. The portal also provides access to the Authorized Override service that gives you the authorization to grant certain users the ability to bypass category restrictions.

If you need assistance using ENA WebSafe, please visit the ENA WebSafe help page.

Ticket Tracker

ENA created the Ticket Tracker application to allow you to view and update our internal customer ticket information. You can access information about issues affecting your site(s), including the current status and steps underway to correct the issue, and authorized administrative users can also update and create tickets, which immediately notify ENA support staff. Information is presented in an easy-to-read format, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the most current information.

If you need assistance using Ticket Tracker, please visit the Ticket Tracker help page.

Network Availability Monitoring

Network Availability Monitoring assists you in identifying and isolating network connectivity problems. You can monitor the status of all ENA managed network devices at your site(s), alerting you to any issue or problem. You can also view historical data for trends that may contribute to issues at your site(s). This information enables you to be more proactive should any problems arise within your network.

If you need assistance using Network Availability Monitoring, please visit the Network Availability Monitoring help page.

Account Management

Account Management is a legacy tool that is no longer receiving updates or may have limited functionality due to newer applications now available. If you need assistance using Account Management, please contact the CTAC by phone at (888) 612-2880 or via email to support@ena.com. If you simply need to reset your password, click here for more details.

If you need assistance using Account Management, please visit the Account Management help page.

ENA Help Center

ENA's help website—the ENA Help Center—contains user guides, videos, and tutorials for ENA's solutions, services, and tools. You can access the help pages at the ENA Help Center at help.ena.com.

If you need assistance with a product or service you don't see listed, or if you are in need of additional support, please contact the ENA CTAC by phone at (888) 612-2880 or via e-mail at support@ena.com.

Client Services

Conferences, Events, and Activities

ENA is an engaged, dedicated member of the customer communities we serve. We support national education organizations as well as local education and library associations. Our active and ongoing engagement in conferences, events, activities, and advocacy efforts demonstrates our commitment to support our customers.

Visit www.ena.com/events to find upcoming conferences, events, and activities where ENA can connect with you in person—one of our company’s very favorite things! We are proud to participate in the numerous conferences and events that support our customers’ K–12, higher education, and library communities. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

Case Studies, Customer Success Stories, and White Papers

There is nothing we like more than showcasing the innovative ways our customers are using technology to advance teaching, learning, and administrative applications. We invite you to peruse our customer success stories, wherein we spotlight members of ENA’s customer community and share their impressive achievements and successes.

In addition to our customer success stories, we also leverage our national presence and affiliations to provide thought leadership and share education technology insights. Our involvement with the Consortium for School Networking’s (CoSN) Smart Education Networks by Design (SEND) initiative is a prime example of ENA’s commitment to innovation in education.

ENA has collaborated with national education thought leaders on a number of white papers and resources covering topics such as network security ('Education Network Security in a Hyperconnected World'), assessment readiness ('"Raising the BAR: Becoming Assessment Ready"'), K–12 broadband needs and limitations ('"The Broadband Imperative: Recommendations to Address K–12 Education Infrastructure Needs"'), and the use of video conferencing in education ('"We Are Connected: The Power of Video Collaboration in Education"').

Visit www.ena.com/media/white-papers to view and download these valuable resources.

Webinars and Videos

Above all else, ENA is committed to providing exemplary customer service. One of the many ways that we strive to do so is by offering free, convenient education and training experiences via webinars, video conferencing activities, and informative videos. ENA offers live webinars and videos on a variety of topics, from E-rate filing to the latest initiatives in educational technology, often enlisting the participation of some of the nation’s premier technology leaders.

To learn more about upcoming webinars or to watch past webinar recordings, please visit www.ena.com/webinars. If you have questions about ENA’s webinars and videos or would like to share ideas for future topics, please contact CustomerEngagement@ena.com.

The ENA Blog and Social Media

ENA stays connected with you through social media outreach efforts, which include the ENA blog and our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Through these social media networks, we share customer success stories, timely ENA and industry news, and national and state education policy updates. We encourage you to like us on www.facebook.com/ENAconnects, connect with us on www.linkedin.com/company/education-networks-of-america, follow us on www.twitter.com/ENAconnects, and subscribe to our www.youtube.com/user/EducationNetworks.

ENA's Products and Services

ENA is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, and our services have evolved into a comprehensive service offering that includes a wide variety of broadband, Wi-Fi/LAN, communication, and cloud solutions.


ENA’s special brand of connectivity is tailored for our customers. It is an approach that goes far beyond bandwidth: it begins and ends with a commitment to customer care you will not find anywhere else in our industry. Our Internet access, WAN, firewall, and content filtering services are designed to power learning, streamline operations, and protect your organization from detrimental security threats and attacks.

  • ENA Internet Access is designed, built, and managed by ENA to increase uptime and improve performance because we understand downtime is not an option. That is why exceptional resiliency and the ability to recover quickly from outages and disasters are key components to ENA’s network design, implementation, operational management, and ongoing technology testing.
  • ENA WAN provides dedicated WAN connectivity services primarily utilizing fiber-optic connectivity between locations for tremendous speed and design flexibility. In combination with high-speed fiber-optic connections, ENA is experienced in designing solutions for hard-to-reach locations utilizing a mix of available technologies tied into a seamless WAN solution. Our experience operating and developing WAN solutions that utilize a mix of technology services reduces management complexity and broadband disparity.
  • ENA NetShield is our hosted firewall service that mitigates threats at our core, sparing your Internet access circuit from unwanted traffic and attacks. This network security service utilizes industry-leading security appliance architecture to deliver multiple levels of redundancy and includes dedicated one-call support for rule changes, additions, and configuration modifications.
  • ENA NetShield VPN is ENA’s managed, premises-based virtual private network (VPN) solution that works in conjunction with ENA NetShield. Whether you need a static VPN connection between two network locations or dynamic remote user access, ENA NetShield VPN has you covered.
  • ENA WebSafe is our comprehensive, cloud-based content filtering solution. Compliant with the filtering requirements set forth by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), ENA WebSafe is a powerful solution that maximizes security, provides customers with the flexible filtering tools they need, and minimizes administrative burdens.
  • ENA WebSafe Mobile enables schools to configure mobile devices so that they are filtered by district-sanctioned content filtering policies even when the devices are used off campus. This easy-to-deploy service saves bandwidth by not utilizing your Internet access when devices are off-site, and it is compatible with most Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android devices.


ENA’s Wi-Fi/LAN services are designed to meet the unique and diverse requirements of today’s K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. Backed by ENA’s industry expertise, ENA’s tailored Wi-Fi/LAN services enable you to choose the service you need to create and sustain seamless and reliable wireless environments for your students or patrons.

  • ENA Air is ENA’s comprehensive managed wireless service that includes all necessary access points, switches, and peripherals, as well as assessment, design, cabling, installation, engineering, 24x7x365 hosted management and monitoring services, reporting tools, and post-activation heat mapping.
  • ENA AdvantEdge is a self-managed customized or full turnkey approach to a new wired or wireless LAN. It includes enterprise-grade equipment as well as optional assessment, design, implementation, project management, validation, and training to ensure successful customer management.
  • ENA Wi-Fi Professional Services provides flexible, high-quality wireless networking services to supplement your limited personnel resources. Our menu of comprehensive end-to-end network design, implementation, and project management services deliver the critical engineering and implementation expertise needed to ensure robust, high-performance Wi-Fi.
  • ENA LAN Professional Services provides a comprehensive menu of standalone networking services to supplement your limited personnel resources. Our assessment, design, implementation, activation, and validation services are performed by ENA’s experienced engineers for a scalable, tailor-made wired LAN solution.


ENA’s communication solutions provide next-generation collaboration suites driven by modern IP connectivity. With the ability to integrate with legacy systems or operate fully within the ENA cloud, ENA communication solutions are the perfect choice for any environment. ENA’s cloud-based communication solutions eliminate the need for local premises-based systems, further reducing expenses and technical complexities that limit solution flexibility.

  • ENA SmartVoice is a fully redundant interconnected VoIP service that combines the calling capabilities of traditional dial tone telephone services with next-generation IP PBX phone features. ENA SmartVoice eliminates many of the high capital expenditures that come with purchasing, upgrading, managing, and maintaining on-premises telephony servers and equipment.
  • ENA SmartLink is designed to provide inbound and outbound calling for customers who wish to maintain their own installed PBX or key systems. ENA SmartLink functions similarly to a telephone line service, but it includes a robust set of features and a variety of different interconnection methods designed to meet your current and future needs—all delivered at one cost-effective monthly fee.
  • ENA SmartConference is an IP-based voice conferencing service. Offering increased convenience and advanced features at a low monthly rate, ENA SmartConference is a productive, cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions, and more.
  • ENA SmartFax is a highly reliable, carrier-grade solution that seamlessly delivers fax transmissions to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over ENA’s managed connectivity. Unlike other solutions, ENA SmartFax buffers faxes locally before dispatching a fax into the ENA fax network for transmission, preventing many of the frustrations commonly associated with faxing over an IP network. ENA SmartFax also includes an optional fax-to-email service for both fax transmissions and sent notifications.
  • ENA Toll-Free provides a cost-effective toll-free service that can be used in conjunction with ENA SmartVoice or ENA SmartLink voice services. As part of the ENA Toll-Free service, we can provide toll-free directory and 411 information listings.
  • Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom is a hosted, all-encompassing video conferencing and web conferencing service that requires no new hardware or network investments. Whether your administrators, educators, students, librarians, and/or staff are connecting using a desktop or laptop computer (PC/Mac), legacy H.323 system, or smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android/Blackberry), Video Collaboration Powered by Zoom seamlessly and securely integrates with them all, allowing everyone to enjoy a high-quality video conferencing experience.


ENA’s cloud services are specifically tailored to meet the operational, security, fiscal, and data center needs of today’s K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries. Our state-of-the-art cloud platform delivers next-generation virtualized resources designed to scale with your escalating cloud computing demands.

  • ENA TrustCompute is our hosted and managed virtual data center service. Its highly secure, agile cloud computing environment enables users to quickly create virtual machines, rapidly deploy applications, and allocate digital resources as needed.

Quality of Service and Traffic Management

Using ENA’s MPLS-based backbone, we can implement dedicated bandwidth, packet prioritization, and quality of service (QoS) measures—collectively referred to as “traffic management”—across the network at your direction. Such dedicated traffic management configurations permit the ability to dedicate slivers of bandwidth to specific applications and/or packet types to ensure priority routing and minimize latency. These configurations and traffic management implementations maximize the availability of online testing and data collection, as well as minimize any network-attributed latency to applications such as video conferencing, online courses, student information systems, and voice over IP.

ENA Partner Program (Only Available in Tennessee)

A program created based on customer requests and feedback, the ENA Partner Program is an outstanding lineup of educational products designed to enhance student performance and boost efficiency—all at the lowest available prices. ENA negotiates with our partners for special low bulk rates on these award-winning products and then we pass the savings along to you! The ENA Partner Program portfolio may vary each year and may differ by region.


The E-rate program is operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and provides funding for eligible services, including telecommunications, Internet access, and certain internal connections for K–12 schools and libraries. For the most up-to-date information on E-rate and the eligible services, please visit the Schools and Libraries Program section of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) website.

ENA E-rate Information

ENA is an eligible, industry-leading E-rate service provider in both telecommunications and Internet access with a broad understanding of the E-rate program and a commitment to use that knowledge and experience to help a wide variety of schools and libraries obtain E-rate funding. Our FCC registration numbers are as follows:

ENA Services, LLC
SPIN – 143030857
FRN – 0015297245

ENA has been successfully working with E-rate customers since the inception of the program in 1998 and is one of the top five national E-rate service providers. Once selected as your service provider and as allowable, we assist you with every step of the E-rate process, providing ongoing guidance, training, and support to ensure compliance with E-rate regulations.

Our internal team of E-rate specialists and experienced outside advisors, including E-rate legal specialists based in Washington, D.C., stay on the cutting edge of E-rate knowledge and policy changes. As part of our team’s ongoing and proactive methodology, they review E-rate program rules and requirements frequently, including review of SLD-issued materials, to ensure continuing compliance. As a leader in working with statewide consortium, school district, and library E-rate applications, we understand our role in providing guidance while at the same time respecting the rules governing acceptable service provider/applicant interactions. Our support services include the following:

  • Educating and reminding customers of deadlines, rule changes, and current issues
  • Reinforcing compliance on all E-rate program rules
  • Working with customers during the Form 471 process to ensure adequate filing amounts to cover E-rate eligible services
  • Preparation of Form 471’s Item 21 Attachment describing ENA’s specific services
  • Aiding customers in responding to Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) questions
  • Assistance with Form 486, start of service
  • Filing appeals/actions to gain funding

E-rate Program Administration

There are several organizations that govern the E-rate program.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The FCC is the federal agency that oversees the E-rate program and the underlying Universal Service Fund program that funds the E-rate program.

FCC Chairman and Commissioners
The FCC is directed by five appointed commissioners (three from the President of the United States’ party and two from the opposing party). The FCC chairman is one of the three individuals from the President’s party. This group of five votes on all FCC orders that set the rules for the E-rate program.

Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB)
The WCB performs the FCC’s ongoing E-rate program work under guidance from the five commissioners.

Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC)
The USAC is a private company that the FCC has hired to administer all of the USF programs (High Cost/Connect America, Low Income, Rural Healthcare, and E-rate).

Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of USAC
The SLD is the section of USAC that administers the E-rate program. All E-rate filings and invoices/BEARs are sent to the SLD for processing and approval. The SLD is the group that schools are most likely to communicate with during the E-rate funding process. The SLD is restricted to following the rules and orders provided to them by the FCC and WCB, and the SLD will sometimes have to ask the FCC/WCB for clarification on those rules before completing their reviews of E-rate funding.

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E-rate Information

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